MSSUK Partner Webinar: Next-Generation Serverless & Contactless Printing

MSSUK Partner Webinar: Next-Generation Serverless & Contactless Printing

Despite all the advances in digitisation and cloud technology, printing continues to be an often looked over function for some organisations. 

As the hybrid office is now becoming the future of work, many organisations are replacing their legacy IT infrastructure with modern secure cloud printing and digital automation platforms to support their digital workforce. 

We’ve teamed up with MSSUK to discuss some of the workflow challenges working in the hybrid office and how organisations can adapt through modern cloud printing innovations 

Join speakers Derek Steele, VDI Print and Capture Specialist at MSSUK, and Patrick Johnson, UK/EMEA Regional Manager at Process Fusion, for our upcoming webinar on the Next-Generation Serverless, Contactless Printing on March 30th at 10am GMT.  

What to expect from this webinar: 

  • The challenges of working in the hybrid office 
  • The importance of document workflow innovations and choice  
  • The benefits of digital process automation and mobility 
  • The benefits of serverless and contactless printing 

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