Introducing vPad Pro2: The Latest Secure Release Station

October 12, 2021 by Joy Yang

With the increasing adoption of cloud computing and digitization, many organizations are facing data breaches due to printing.

To ensure a fast, secure and compliant printing experience in a distributed system, we’re delighted to share our latest multi-purpose secure release station, the vPad Pro 2.

The vPad Pro 2 is a touch screen device that is easy to install and easily integrates into your UniPrint InfinityCloud printing environment. This new version has Wi-Fi and touch screen that is Capacitive (human touch) vs Resistive (pressure).

The device comes with POE (power over ethernet) and is compatible with external HID/RFID devices. It also does not require printer fleet standardization, so it is compatible with any printer that you already have.

The vPad Pro 2 can enforce secure printing for all locations and supports print stream compression. By utilizing print stream compression, remote print servers can be consolidated to the data center.

The user interface design will also be updated in the next update for all the vPad Pro series, allowing users to have a better printing experience, with a clearer workflow.

vPad Pro 2 Key Features

  • Wi-Fi and touch screen that is Capacitive (human touch) vs Resistive (pressure)
  • POE (power over ethernet)
  • Compatible with external HID/RFID devices
  • Compatible with all printer makes and models
  • Provides one-to-multiple printers support, and work with printers of any make or model, providing quick ROI
  • Compatible with any RFID/HID smart card or key fob; no customization is required

Learn more about the vPad Pro 2 here…