Cloud Faxing Automation

Eliminate Manual Effort From Your Fax Processes

- Less Paper,Manual Effort,Processes. More Time for Goals,Customers,Strategy.

Automate your fax processes and enable flexibility, scalability and security to your fax workflows.
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Optimize Your Fax Document Lifecycles

Outgrown your fax systems or struggle with send/receive errors, loss of content, fax failures, busy signals, and other problems? Cloud Faxing is a secure, flexible and cost-effective fax over IP solution for the digital era.

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Security and Compliance

Maintain full fax transmission log for audit and compliance. TLS encryption is enabled to ensure secure email to fax transmission in heavily regulated industries such as financial service, insurance and healthcare.

Workflow Automation

By combining cloud fax solution with CapturePoint intelligent document processing technology using Machine Learning, organizations can automate the process of inbound faxes, capturing relevant data and ingesting it automatically into any back-end system.


Cloud fax services enhance the value of standalone fax methods, by integrating with back-end systems and applications through pre-built connectors or web-based APIs. This provides exponential value by enabling inbound and outbound faxing directly within an ERP application.

Reduced Operating Costs

Lower the total cost of ownership, by eliminating the costs associated with fax machines, fax servers, fax cards and software, dedicated phone lines, fax paper etc. and scales automatically to meet demand and eliminate busy signals, especially at times of peak volume.

Start Automating Your Cloud Fax Processes

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Optimize Process Efficiency and Reduce Wait Times

Organizations are turning to enterprise-grade cloud faxing to make back-office information exchanges reliable, highly available, and secure while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Sending Faxes

Desktop and mobile users can easily send faxes using their email client. Documents attached will be automatically converted and sent as a fax message and return a notification.

Eliminate Traditional Telephone Lines Sending From MFP

Compatible with most office MFPs using the device's native fax function. For home MFPs, faxing can be enabled using “Scan-to-Email” function without the need of an extra phone line.

Receiving Faxes

Incoming fax messages are received directly to assigned email inboxes as a PDF and can be managed there or through the web portal to configure all messages, routing and processing.

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PF360 is a true cloud capture solution that offers omni-channel inputs for capturing everything from fax to paper or emails. It provides further efficiency by classifying and routing fax data that comes into the organization and automates processes for standard and complex faxes.

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