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Transform traditional document processes into relevant digital data through CapturePoint’s intelligent document automation platform.

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Intelligent Digital Content For The Future Of Work

CapturePoint is an intelligent capture and document processing platform built for the needs of today’s complex digital enterprise. Whether organizations decide adapt or not, content intelligence plays a large role in driving and scaling digital transformation and productivity. It will change the way organizations work, so users can be more informed and connected through every interaction and workflow process.

CapturePoint combines machine learning, advanced recognition, robotic process automation and real-time analytics into a single, scalable platform to handle every type of input document.

Industry Focused Solutions

CapturePoint provides highly customized industry-specific solutions that will save your organization both time and money, by eliminating inefficiencies and errors from your business processes.



Enable staff to process and route documents in an efficient, timely and traceable manner.



Enable staff to automate manual invoice processes, and gain greater visibility.


Public Sector

Enable staff to improve security compliance, boost data accuracy and confidentiality.

CapturePoint Products

The next-generation intelligent capture and machine learning processing platform

CapturePoint Platform

Cloud-based or on-prem intelligent capture and automated AI processing platform that converts multi-channel input documents and faxes into actionable data, which can then be easily verified and integrated into any business ap...

CapturePoint MPS App

The vendor agnostic multi-function printer app can convert data from paper, fax or scan to MS Word, Excel and searchable PDF formats in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese....

Data Validation Services

Our human data validation services will help add an extra layer of verification to improve data accuracy and operational efficiency, while also optimizing financial performance....

Mobile App

Coming Soon......

Relevant Data Matters

By enabling relevant real-time data to staff, you will empower them to make better decisions and improve productivity. This is the key to unlocking productivity for your organization’s processes.

Transform Your Data Processes

By digitizing and automating your data input processes, organizations can now free staff from manual time consuming tasks and focus on higher priority goals.

Transform Data-Intensive Business Processes

CapturePoint’s intelligent capture and process automation platform helps organizations transform data-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer engagement.


Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual processes & enhance productivity by enabling users to focus on customer-focused initiatives.


Intelligent Data Capture

Simplify the input implementation of documents & faxes through AI, capture, classification and processing.


Process Intelligence

Automatically detect when there are errors between documents & supplier or client data and improve discrepancies.


Digital Mobility & Engagement

Streamline communication & increase workflow by accurately ensuring data is available to the right people.


Advanced Tracking & Analytics

Ensure compliance within business process and provide complete control over document and information security.


Accurate Data Validation

Ensure complete data input accuracy through combining machine learning and third-party data validation services.

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