How to Improve Employee Efficiency through Simplified Document Conversion

How to Improve Employee Efficiency through Simplified Document Conversion
When aiming for the digital transformation of the workplace, workers should consider both the technical part of it, and the employee training that follows through with new technology. In a recent report by Quorcirca’s Print 2025, they found that 71% of SMBs consider improving employee productivity to be one of the top three business priorities. Despite the drive towards improving employee and business efficiency, currently, less than 50% of SMBs are using digital workflow solutions such as document capturing software. However, there is interest in the adoption of digital workflow with almost half expecting to expand into usage of the solutions. When looking towards the improvement of worker efficiency, it is not only changes in management that can improve their workflow as a major part of it also comes from the digital transformation part of having them use the solutions. Without your employees understanding how to use the new technology, you won’t get the benefits of that would come from the digital transformation of the workplace. Rather than applying a complex solution that requires your IT professionals spending their time training end-users/internal customers, organizations should look for a solution that keeps them happy and is simple to use.

Finding a Proper Workflow Solution

A good workflow implementation should include the following:
  • Software that can improve workflow by automating document routing and processing. It can also help by providing different file options within the application, integrating the workflow.
  • Workflow improvement starts with defining the business, the processes involved, and of the people who participate in the workflow. The transformation possible within an organization depends on the training and skill level of the employees.
  • Get workflow participants involved in the implementation of the solution. Observe their interactions with the systems. Get their ideas for possible improvements or questions they may have. Develop a flowchart that they agree with and test the new design.
  • Make participants enthusiastic by making improvements that simplify their tasks. For example, when performing an existing task, showcase the use of the new technology designed to simplify input needed. Be aware that a new process typically involves doing things in new ways, and to make the learning experience easy, make sure it is as intuitive as possible.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the new design by observing participants and getting their feedback. Work on the implementation until the new workflows are successfully adopted by employees’ often at this stage that documentation will prove invaluable.
  [gp_blockquote bg-color=’#f3f3f3′] Watch the overview video to learn how CapturePoint’s MFP app for document conversion works… [/gp_blockquote]   By properly following the steps of providing and implementing a workflow solution, your business can take advantage of the simplification coming from digital transformation. To find a good workflow solution, ensure that you can find a trial or NFR license to test the software to see if it fits in your organization. CapturePoint is a cloud-based workflow system that allows you to easily transform documents into information that can be edited. Because of the intuitive system and ability to convert to multiple formats, employees can take advantage of this simple workflow solution. IT doesn’t need to spend time installing new machines, large software programs, or spend time teaching employees, as CapturePoint can simply be enabled onto the device and it comes with quick training videos. Both end users and internal customers can benefit from the CapturePoint solution and have no need for additional training, allowing for employee’s to be more productive with their extra time. Find a workflow solution today to cover the needs of your organization and employees so you can bring the digital transformation that many businesses expect to reach in the future!