Citrix & Process Fusion: Protecting Front Line Healthcare Workers

Citrix & Process Fusion: Protecting Front Line Healthcare Workers

Healthcare has found itself being tested by the pandemic. The front line grows increasingly challenging each day. Healthcare leaders face multi-faceted challenges of combating the healthcare crisis on the front lines, while also tackling issues on employee safety and alleviating the strain on healthcare resources.

Hospital staff are heroically working to treat a large volume of patients with complex needs, but the next normal for healthcare will look nothing like the normal we leave behind.

The continued adoption of innovative digital transformation solutions are critical success factors for protecting the health and well being of front line healthcare workers, while also ensuring a sustainable healthcare system through continued improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

As healthcare workers continue to fight the pandemic on-site, protecting their health is key. Citrix together with Process Fusion, provide unique remote and on-site digital transformation solutions to enable a safe and efficient healthcare work environment.

Process Fusion provides a contactless printing solution, which removes the need for direct contact from shared printers. This allows hospital staff to safely and securely release documents from their mobile phone, anywhere in the hospital, including through EMR systems that are running on Citrix Workspace.

For administrative hospital staff, Process Fusion helps Citrix workspace enable healthcare providers by digitizing their document or fax intake, minimizing physical contact and decreasing infections.

Using machine learning and automation, the solution can also ingest print to digital output from UniPrint Infinity, which will drastically reduces paper or fax workflows and physical data entry.

Through these digital transformation solutions, remote and on-site healthcare staff can continue to meet deliverables without increasing the spread of infections or adding stress to the health system in which they work.

Citrix and Process Fusion stand ready to deliver innovative healthcare solutions needed to support the worldwide goal of ensuring the safety of front line healthcare providers and reducing the strain on hospital resources.