Case Studies

The CapturePoint platform now processes over 600-1,000 NBRC documents daily with automated classification based on active machine learning.

North Bay Regional Center Transforms Document Classification Processes

North Bay Regional Center ( is one of 21 Regional Centers providing services and support to
individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability in California. It serves over 8,000 clients living in the region
and is a Xerox DocuShare Private Cloud customer.

The Challenge

NBRC was receiving large volumes of client documents (~600 – 1,000 documents per day) in multiple document formats (e.g. PDF, DOCX, JPG, etc.) through different channels (fax, mail, email, file transfer etc.) that needed to be classified based on client information, before sending the document into Xerox’s DocuShare workflow processes and document repository.

NBRC was looking for a solution to digitally transform their manual document classification and indexing processes. One of the key challenges was the 160+ different document types associated with each of their clients. But deploying traditional OCR technology and developing 160+ document templates were cost prohibitive. In addition, they wanted a seamless cloud platform that could easily integrate with their DocuShare infrastructure, while also being hosted in the cloud.

The Solution

Xerox partnered with Process Fusion to deploy the CapturePoint’s Cloud Capture platform to meet NBRC requirements. Through CapturePoint’s machine learning capabilities, it did not require any document template to be created. Once enough samples of a document type were processed by the system, it would begin automatically classifying documents and extracting relevant data for NBRC to review.

CapturePoint also provided a zero foot-print web client for NBRC to train and review all documents before exporting to Xerox Docushare. It was also key that CapturePoint supported many input methods including Xerox ConnectKey devices and digital intake from NBRC emails and file transfers.

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The Results

The CapturePoint platform now processes over 600-1,000 document daily with automated classification based on active machine learning. It also did not require any upfront capital investment from NBRC. NBRC also benefited from faster deployment cycles, and reduced manual data entry from CapturePoint’s AI ability to adopt to new document types, while also being tightly integrated with Xerox’s DocuShare platform.

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