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Family Service Toronto – Transforming a Non-Profit Program with Digital Technologies

The Ontario government’s Passport program helps adults with developmental disabilities be involved in their communities and live as independently as possible. The program is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and serves 11 Passport agencies.

MCCSS saw the need to consolidate the payment processing for all Passport Agencies, and chose Family Service Toronto (FST), a social service agency serving the people and community of Toronto, to administer PassportONE.

The main goal of PassportONE is to process Passport funding reimbursements for adults with developmental disabilities efficiently and significantly reduce their wait time.

The Challenge at Hand

The Ontario government’s mandate was to improve the Passport service experience by making invoice processing and reimbursements faster and more efficient than ever while standardizing regulations and compliance requirements.

Moreover, in line with the new rules, all program information had to be stored and made accessible on a client information system to all Passport Agencies across the province.

The Solution of Choice

Family Service Toronto partnered with Process Fusion to automate the PassportONE payment processes and eliminate as many paper and labour-intensive steps.

“The result was a complete digital transformation, from invoice intake, approval, fund management to payment.”

The entire operations can be executed electronically while conforming to process compliance. Process Fusion helped reduce capital costs, improve business agility, and transform business through an innovation- led approach.

Process Fusion developed the PassportONE system by seamlessly integrated several best-of-breed technologies.

At the heart of PassportONE is Microsoft Dynamics serving as a CRM system. The CRM manages client accounts, their funding, and all related contacts such as Person Managing Funds and Support Workers.

It also includes workflows to payment adjustment and approval. PassportONE has several invoice intake channels to meet different needs.

There are two electronic submission sites, one for the Transfer Payment Agencies and another submission site called Passport eClaim for use by the end-user’s Person Managing Funds.

As a result of Passport eClaim, a free online resource, more than 11,000 users have registered the eClaim. Users also have the option to view their submission history and claim status.

“Increasing eClaim registration is one of the top priorities for MCCSS, the 11 Passport Agencies, and PassportONE in the fiscal year, 2022 and 2023,” states Anna.

The PassportONE program would require significant operations and technological innovations for it to be successful. Family Service Toronto needed a new technology platform for PassportONE, which involved consolidating the back-office financial functions, drastically reducing manual labour, and migrating from paper-based claim processes to digital submissions.

Currently, eClaim, together with the traditional claim document, is digitally processed using the Process Fusion document processing platform. Process Fusion’s intelligent document processing solution, helps significantly eliminate manual data entry, manual review, and human errors.

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Today, all PassportONE information related to clients, claims, and payments are stored in a centralized client information system running on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Since maintaining security and privacy is critical while providing access to Passport Agencies, Process Fusion has a robust data security framework in place.

In addition, the company is ISO 27001 certified and SOC2 Type-2 compliant. In short, Process Fusion meets and exceeds all Government of Ontario IT Services (GO-ITS) security and service-level requirements.

The Solution

Ontario’s Passport program is one of the most successful implementations of a social service program, that clients highly value.

In fact, in recent years, this program’s adoption rates, enrolment and total active clients have grown by over 220% over the last four years.

As the total demographic population of Canada and Ontario continue to grow, having highly scalable service platforms in place while maintaining security and compliance standards will be a critical need for all service agencies going forward.

“Process Fusion has enabled us to digitally transform, by digitizing our payment workflows, improving staff efficiency, and streamlining processes,” says Anna Zhang, Associate Director of the PassportONE program

PassportONE is a unique program for building supportive communities, and Process Fusion will continue to strengthen its partnership and services to ensure the program’s continued success.

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