4 Major Criteria When Looking For an Intelligent Document Management System

4 Major Criteria When Looking For an Intelligent Document Management System

As many organizations look for solutions that enhance their workplace to the digital world, one of the most important parts, document management, has been seen as a part that can be cut out of the future workplace.

However, document management will play a vital role in the future of many businesses and continues to play a crucial role in supporting many businesses as of now.

Based on the Global Print 2025 Study by Quocirca, many businesses expect a ‘less-paper’ office to be more common than a completely paperless office. Today, 78% of businesses say that paper is important to their daily business, with 64% expecting that it will still be important in 2025.

Even if organizations expect to be less reliant on paper than before, the usage of paper will continue into the future along side document management software to help push it into the digital world.

4 Major Criteria When Looking for a Proper Solution

With that in mind, what does a good document management system look like? Here are some of the major criteria when looking for a proper solution:

Automation of Employee Workflow

One of the major parts of a document management system should be the improvements to workflow to the point where it can automate much of an employee’s workflow.

In a team environment, workflow signifies the flow of documents among the team, with the process usually including multiple people responsible for creating, reviewing, updating, and ultimately approving documents.

As some decisions need to be based on supporting documents, the quicker a document can be processed, the faster the workflow is for the business.

Workflow improvement should come with a clear understanding of the business, the processes involved, and the people who are in the workflow.

The kind of benefits that can be realized are only possible if the software can interface between different applications, and if it is easy to use for employees.


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Existing Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Cost should be a concern when looking into document management, especially if costs can be reduced by leveraging existing infrastructure.

For example, if you have a Xerox multi-function printer, look for solutions on the Xerox App Gallery which can help process documents as part of the device, so you can gain more value out of a MFP.

Many people looking to talk to solution providers also find that they may miss some of the current issues with their workflows, much of it involving moving papers across like invoices.

When looking for a workflow solution, look for the ability to utilize and share from cloud which can greatly benefit your employees, especially when they head off to meetings but need a document transferred to them securely.

Resources and Demo Availability

Finding a solution that seamlessly fits into your organization can be a difficult task with many solutions advertising similar features.

One of the most important parts of looking for a solution is the research that goes into finding all the solutions available and picking from that list.

To make it easier, include other employees in the research process so they can explore a company’s resources surrounding their solution.

After you have that information, find time to schedule a demo so you can get a feel for their interface and how it could be customized to fit into your own workflow.

The best demonstration of a solution is a ‘proof of concept’ demo where the company can give you a mock-up of how their solution can fit into your organization.

Choosing a Document Management System

With paper continuing to be a major resource in many organizations, document management is still important as ever.

The best implementation of a solution should involve employee feedback, a well researched plan, and many questions to see how it benefits your business.

Make sure to see what solution providers can provide a free trial and can integrate with your existing infrastructure to make the choice simpler.

Look for secure, cloud-based solutions today that can help leverage your business to digital transformation today!